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This sport beating up your knees?

I have looked to Platform Tennis as a sport I would be able to play as I get older. Indeed the number of older players in the leagues is testimony of this. But as I get older this sport seems to be harder on my knees. I would have thought, given the elastic nature of the playing surface (i.e. not as hard as pavement), this would not be a problem. I do more rigorous sports (running, downhill skiing). But it seems paddle is harder on the knees.

Anyone else developing knee problems?
Getting Old

I would have to say that this sport is pretty tough on the knees. Mine don't bother me when I am playing, but they do when I stop. I am working on building up my legs, (quads, calves and hammies) in an effort to help better support my knees.

The start/stop nature of this game is probably not the best thing for older knees.