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Poor Conditions at clubs

Now that the 2nd season had begun I have noticed some courts are awful to play on. I'm not saying a game is decided by this, but who is responsible for maintaining courts? Here are a few I can remember...

Oak hills nets sag and hit the ground.
Locust hill has a tied broken center strap.
ICC has a missing center strap on one court.

Lets be fair to everyone and all be playing on courts that are taken care of so everyone has the same advantages and disadvantages....just a thought. Thanks!

p.s. with the snow, who is responsible for shoveling courts, paths and access ways to the feet were soaked by the time I even reached the courts at Locust Hill Country Club.

Last night court 5 at Shadow wasn't clearing ice/snow and no one could safely play on it, last week at TCR the heaters were not working on two courts. This causes many delays and frustrates players. More so than in previous years I have experinced court problems not just the two mentioned here.

We arrived at Irondequiot CC last night for our match at 6PM and the courts had not been cleared by the club. The court lights were not on and the parking lot was pitch black.

I thought that it was the responsibily of the club to have the courts ready for our matches.

There was not a heck of a lot of snow on the courts but it took us 15 min or so to clear off the dusting of snow before we could safely play our match.

Additionally, the walkway between the courts and the steps had not been shoveled in days. Our group commented that this is typical at ICC.

Because we had to clear the courts ourselves prior to the match it pushes the later matches back and throws the whole evening off.

If you have a 6:00 match, show up early. We all expect to have to clear courts, this is not new information.

The night of our 6PM match at ICC I/we arrived at about 5:45. How early would you get there: 5:30, 5:15?

The parking lot was pitch black and the court lights were off. It was hazardous just getting to the switches to turn on the lights! The steps had not been shoveled in days.

The big question once again is this: is it the players responsibility to prep the courts or the host club?
my ace

There is nothing wrong with 5:45.....the night will get backed up and everyone should understand that and be thankful that you put in the work. We are responsible, right or wrong.