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Prince Warranty PSA

I've talked to a bunch of people recently who thought that they couldn't return their Prince T22 lites for the 6-month warranty anymore, so I thought I'd share how I got mine within like 3 days.

"Thank you for contacting Prince Tennis!
We no longer require the worn out shoes to be returned, so you will have no issues. Please email your proof of purchase and pictures of the qualifying shoes to and we will process the replacement request.

Just get your Amazon (or wherever you got them) receipt from your email, take a few pictures of the shoes and email that address. I got new ones in 3 days.
They do still exist!!
Prince of Prince

I also asked what the hell happened to Prince and why don't they respond anymore:
"The same company that purchased Prince in 2012 continues to own them now and that is Authentic Brands Group. What happened in the last couple of years is the previous licensee of the brand went bankrupt. Then we, Sports Warehouse, became the licensee for the US in April of last year and are working on rebuilding the distribution network. I keep telling the ABG people that the website needs an overhaul, but so far it?s slow going. Currently the best place to see all available products is through Tennis Warehouse."
Prince of Prince