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Return of serve: Too hard?

I recently played a game of paddle tennis. My opponent served and I returned the ball. She asserted that I returned the ball too hard. She is an experienced paddle tennis player and believes my hard return was dangerous and unsportsman-like. We are both 70-year old women. What do you think of that? I am new to paddle. I play tennis. Do I need to learn to lob to play paddle with appropriate etiquitte? I like to think of myself as fair but competitive.

J. Mac
J. Mac

g'head and hit the ball!
Josh Fernandez

I think Josh hits the ball too hard...

I agree Josh hits me with lots of drives in the air because they are out.
the screens at various clubs in Rocheste

I suggest that she go play tiddly-winks
The Great

J Mac they don't tell linebackers to tackle the QB gently now do they? They don't tell a pitcher who has a perfect game going to pipe one over the middle so the other team can get a hit do they? Don't feel bad if you hit the ball hard, maybe she just needs to work on her volley game, or take a lesson. Don't change your game to make someone feel better. I've been hit with drives many times, it's just part of the game. Tiddley winks is a little extreme (the great) still need to have some respect for your opponent. Everybody has their day of getting roughed up on the court but it dosent sting as much if your opponent is respectful.

Watch your lips!!!!
the kid

Although I'm not known for my wonderful lob skills, can't win at paddle without the lob......The Kid has been hit recently......I'm sure he felt very good about it....

If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen! Or in this case the cage. The lob will only bring your game to the next level but a great drive is a good skill to have. Good Luck :)
Young Gun

Are you all crazy?

You're advising a player who is new to paddle to hit the ball as hard as she wants at a 70 year old woman who is at the net? How do you sleep at night? J. Mac, it was considerate of you to ask this question. Your opponent is a lot closer to you in paddle than tennis. She has less time to protect herself. Unless you are confident you can aim the ball between her shoulders and the net chord,9 times out of 10, ease up. I know a lot of people who couldnt see for days from a shot to the eye. Lefty

If she is 70 she cant move so i agree lob over her!!!! Even if she does get it she will feed your forehand and then you can hit her in the leg since she will be off the net.