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How can unreported matches lead to level changes??!!??

If all matches are not played and there are some unreported can you decide who goes up and who goes down.

The argument of "it's just for fun" does not apply when we have levels for a reason and we play to win the game.

Level 10 needs to finalize all matches and get scores for all unreported games so we can ACCURATELY move the teams around that deserve to be moved.

Why have a competitive system when it will be ignored?

Some team could win 2-0 first match in round 2 and not play the rest of the session and advance with a 100% winning percentage...that's what ignoring this problem provokes...
Why keep score if it doesn't "matter" in

is this why we still don't have a session 02 schedule yet?


The Topping's or someone else could confirm, but I think all unplayed matches are entered with a score of 1-1.
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