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Subs f

Can someone define the 'sub" rules. If a sub is on the sub list and usually plays in either this league or just in a club league, at what levels can he play.
Can a team level 7 get a sub that usually plays at a level 3 or 4. How is this regulated.
William Brizee

From what I can gather; you are supposed to get someone from the sub-list "defined" as your level, or get a player from your level or a lower level.

But I have seen some people bring in some pretty good ringers in the past.
Happy Paddle

I have no problem if people go out and fish out a good quality sub. But it would be nice if somehowit was recognized. There have been times in the past when my opponent shows up with a pretty good sub and it means us not moving up!
Raw end of the Deal!

As I understand it a sub must sub in his or her own level or below and should be from the "approved" sub list or a regular league member. Bringing in a ringer is not cool.