Links is the premier content driven website for all things platform tennis. It is the only enterprise of its kind owned and operated by some the most recognizable names in the sport.  Great site with lots of news and information regarding the sport of Platform Tennis  In PaddleTimes you will be find the best way to follow the platform tennis action. Complete coverage of Women's and Men's National Ranking Tournaments, B Tournaments, Mixed Tournaments, Local events, and League play.

American Platform Tennis Association  Official site for the American Platform Tennis Association (APTA)

Monday Night Rules  Monday Night Women's League Rules

General Rules  Some general rules regarding sportsmanship to follow while playing.

Makeup and Double Sub Rules  Rules regarding makeups and double subs.

Wednesday Rules  Rules for the Wednesday women's league  Website for the annual SIS Paddle Tournament. Held in 2014 on January 18.

Melton Racquet Sports Imaging  Professional action photos for the racquet sports community

Rochester Paddle Facebook Group  Rochester Paddle Facebook Group