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First time winner!

I just want to congratulate a player that I have watched for many years - JK has improved over the years as a player, mostly (imo) due his partners and their guidance (first at level 5 & 6 - MS, then at level 2 with AW and then at level 1 with DK). Last night he finally won a level (any level) for the first time in his paddle career. Asked in the cold last night about the win, his response was:

"my path over the years is purely due to my partner and their skills"

When asked to clarify the "ups/downs" of his path - he left with no comment.

Penelope reporting.....out.

My dear Penelope, I've watched this JK dude play. I believe his game can be summed up in five words, "nobody does less with more".
Paddle Observer

Wait - didn't they go down last session?
George the First-ish

Can this thread go directly into the OHCC Tournament?