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Snow Removal

First day of some actual accumulation. Which begs me to post this question:

Who is responsible for removal of snow on the courts?

Should the first team playing always assume they should arrive early to shovel? While today's snow isn't that much, on some days the heavier wet snow can take a long time to clear. And then it also takes time for the heaters to get the rest.

Aren't the clubs responsible for any of this?


In my opinion it is the responsibility of the club to prepare the courts for play. If it is left up to the players then the courts are not ready at the scheduled time of the match, thus pushing all others back as the evening rolls on.

I agree with both your thoughts on that. Our game was significantly backed up due to the fact that the courts were covered in slush and blowers weren't able to be turned on. Sorry, but we all pay a rather steep fee to play this sport, courts should be cleared in my opinion.