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Standardizing warm ups

Curious how others feel about standardizing warmups. The pros do it in tennis and platform so that when they start the match all warm ups are complete including serving. Somehow in our league people take more than 10 minutes to warm up, they don't take any serves or want to wait until they are ready to serve in the first set to do so. I find it distracting when the match is in play to wait until someone serves to get warmed up? What do you think?

For the Men's Thursday night the protocol for midlevel and lower (i.e. less competitive) seems to be do volleys, one team goes to net, other team goes to net, go back to baseline, flip the paddle to determine who serves first and start with "First In". More and more as I have gotten into some of the better levels guys are actually practicing their serves first.
MidLevel Guy

10 minutes to warm up. There is nothing worse than playing the 8:30 and having to wait because the guys took a 30 min warmup. If the other teams don't want to practice serves that dosen't mean that you cant as long as you don't take forever. Or show up early, there is usually a court open before the next matches due to someone getting throttled in their match.
the kid