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End of Paddle Season

I always look forward to the end of paddle season. Although I do play myself, I am very capable of do keeping this sport in perspective. Being a mom of three young children, it will be nice to have my husband back. Even when he is home during the season, paddle seems to consume him. I remember last year my kids were yelling "Stranger Danger" when their dad picked them up from school.
I am convinced my husband has a Paddle Addiction.
Does anyone else know someone who suffers from this illness?
Is there help?
paddle widow

The season never ends. Paddle has caused me to give up my other sports. I no longer have any desire to play tennis. 2 serves is one too many and I hate chasing the ball all over the court. Lacrosse and hockey require too much padding. Now if only we could block out that summer sun paddle would be so much easier in the summer....
Pedro Blanco

I've advocated for years that we build a refrigerated dome! Then we can play in perfect weather anytime!!!!
no life

Looks like the paddle gods read the forum and brought back the paddle weather
Pedro Blanco