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Cell Phone Symphany

Don't get me wrong, I love the options with cellphone ringers these days...but while playing paddle and hearing them I find it distracting. The 30 second song clips and the beeps as people's phones ring during matches are just not the best time. Leave them in the Hut or your car and enjoy off court please...thanks!

Totally. I have been in matches where my opponent's phone starts ringing. Younger guys - must be lining up the date for the night.

Perhaps they need to put up signs like they do at the theater "Please turn off Cell Phone".

-- or --

Build it into the rules that you forfeit the point!!!
Happy Paddle

Yeah - I have had cell phones go off a number of times already this year. Quite bothersome.
Turn cell phone off!!!

Or the person you are playing has a sick kid at home and just wants to be a phone call away to be supportive to his wife because she still let him play paddle that night. Or has a sick relative in the hospital, you have no idea why someone is getting that phone call and to be honest, its none of your business. If it bothers you that bad maybe you should renew you library card and go somewhere where you can concentrate, because if a cell phone ring rattles you- chances are you were not that good to begin with and probably never will be. Think twice before you react and put yourself at the other end of the stick and remember this conversation.
the kid

Well if you have a sick kid, maybe you shouldn't be playing paddle or your husband or significant other should be just as able to care for them. If your not their for platform tennis then stay home and wait for you phone to ring. Otherwise be there to play and turn your phone off. Would you hear a cell phone ringing on a golf course or a tennis court...not one I would play on. Be courteous to your partner and other team and be there to play. Just turn your phone off or leave it in your car for the 40-75 minutes it takes you to play.

I see "the kid's" point. BUT, I am somewhat sure our opponents a couple weeks ago were not in this situation. So if you need to have your phone on during the matchy, be courteous and inform your opponents before the match.
Happy Paddle

Young Gun I'm going to bring my phone every week and put it up as loud as it can go and hope that I am playing you "the young goon". And I'm goon bring my wife's too and have someone call each of our phones at the same time so that it is extra loud and makes you even more mad. Hope to see you on the courts.
the kid

I'm pretty sure I've heard cell phones ring at your golf course too. Genesee Valley really dosen't care, neither does island valley.
the kid

If you would like to take time out of your life to set up phone calls and bring multiple phones to get under the skin of someone your potentially not even playing, go ahead and waste your time. Platform Tennis is not just about rules, its about etiquette as well.

****The Etiquette of Platform Tennis©
INTRODUCTION Platform tennis, often referred to as ‚?opaddle‚?Ě for short, is a keenly competitive
sport and one in which, by tradition, good portsmanship, integrity, and respect are key elements. It is a game that is played for fun, but there is also an active winter tournament circuit. The game is played in accordance with the Official Rules of Platform Tennis as published by the American Platform Tennis

There is also a continuous play rule...cell phone calls are no exception to these

***RULE 24: Continuous Play_ Play shall be continuous from the first service of the first game until the conclusion of the match, except (a) for rest periods permitted by tournament
officials; (b) when changing ends on the odd games, a maximum of one minute is allowed for players to towel off, change equipment, rest, etc.; (c) during a servicegame, the server is permitted a maximum of 20 seconds between the finish of play on a point and the delivery of the next service; (d) play shall never be suspended, delayed, or interfered with for the purpose of enabling a player to recover his strength or to receive instruction or advice. (The umpire shall be the sole judge of such suspension, delay, or interference, and after giving due warning, the umpire may disqualify the offender. No allowance may be made for natural loss of physical condition such as cramps, faintness or loss of wind. Consideration may be given by the umpire for accidental loss of physical ability or condition.)Note 1: In the event of an accident, a fall, collision with a net post, a sprained ankle, and the like, up to a 10-minute suspension in play may be authorized. A default will be mandatory if play is not resumed immediately
after the suspension. Note 2: If a player‚?Ts clothing, footwear, or equipment becomes out of
adjustment in such a way that it is impossible or undesirable for the player to continue, the provisions in Note 1 shall apply. Comment: The intent of the Continuous Play Rule is to prevent unauthorized rest periods for players who are tired and to discourage stalling tactics for whatever purpose. In the event of an accident, the umpire or tournament chairman shall consider a temporary suspension of play. If a match is adjourned for a legitimate reason (e.g., a sudden rainstorm), when the match is resumed (a) the teams are entitled to a full warm up, and (b) the match must begin precisely where it left off, with the same game and point score, same server, same ends of the court, and same order of service.

I just copied & pasted those rules from

Also at the beginning of the sessions signs were even hung at some clubs and an email was generated explaining to not even say hello to other pairs or people when approaching a court due to distraction & taking time away from if people heading these leagues and clubs are taking time to let people know that...then a cell phone call is no different. Although I might be young compared to some of the ladies I play against, one thing i know is respect & etiquette, both of which i practice on & off the court. I'm there to play paddle not line up a drink or plans for later in the evening....Its kind of nice to take an hour for myself and some exercise and release myself from the grip cellphones have taken over in today's society of always being able to be reached. I have faith in my family to help care for loved ones that might be sick or something but i find a sub if something comes up or I'm not able to have my mind on the court...not just for me or my partner but also in fairness to the other team that come out on the cold nights we've been having. A phone going off isn't going to make a match, but its rude and disrespectful two things this game isn't suppose to be. I'd love to play you " the kid" even if it was not a Monday sister and i make quite a team, we can even bring a Ipod portable boom box if you want music..just as long as it doesn't bother anyone around else....& as for those two golf courses....I've never played there and serious golfers I know usually pick other courses that aren't as public...but you stick to those and I'll stick to mine and our paths shouldn't cross....goodluck

First of all "young gun" I thought I was talking to a man, so I take this opportunity to apologize to you, because I was taught by my mother to respect women. (even when they might be wrong) So on this subject of the phone we can agree to disagree. My phone will be on vibrate for the remainder of the season and I will think of you when I hear some other phone ring out loud and I will just shake my head and think of this person as a "rookie". I'm sure you and your sister are a heck of a team but I'm pretty sure our paths won't cross on the paddle courts even though I probably would play better with some music going in the background. As far as the golf courses go you really sound quite snobbish speaking of the public aspect. I have played there even though it might have been when I was younger. Pretty sure you aren't shooting par at either one, so you keep hacking away from the red tees at your not so public courses and enjoy your overpriced country club fees and dues. I will travel to different courses and meet different people and NOT have the same conversation about all my investments and ownerships in beach condos in Boca. That gets old and nobody cares anyway. Keep your head up for any balls that might be coming from other fairways and have a great season.
So good luck to you.
the kid

It is quite appaling, and snobbish in its own right, that a simple request to respect the etiquette that we turn off our cell phones during our matches elicited such rude and antagonizing responses. If "the kid" has a response back I would ask that you use your real name so next time anyone plays you they can bring you a drink--sounds like you need one!!
Mary Roberts

Good point Ms. Roberts, if that really is your real name . . .
PB 3

That's the whole point of having a nickname Ms. Roberts you don't need to know who I am. That's the beauty of it. Good Luck the rest of the way. Caught in a loophole.
the kid

I'll use my real name and and let the anonymous "kid" know that he sounds like an immature 10 year old.
Tom Curtin

Tom a little late to the conversation, it started in November so take your aggression out in your spinning class- I'll be with the rest of the 10yr olds in daycare.
the kid

I re-read this string tonight b/c I knew it would make me laugh endlessly.....TOO FUNNY.

It's August baby - bring on the paddle!!!!

Yes "Kid" - that means you!


I totally understand everyone side of the phone ringing situation, but normally I have a sitter at home with my young kids and I do stress to please only call in an emergency, you can't stop kids from getting hurt. I love paddle and adore the chance of playing even when my husband is traveling but one must make it work so the phone stays on..... thankfully and keep my fingers crossed it has never rang yet.
Phone Gal