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The annual Paddles-for-Saddles Tourney was won by Mike Roselli and Steve Pike last weekend. Surprisingly unseeded, they fought their way through the bracket and found themselves up against the Dynamic Duo of Sky and Brady Kalkman in the Finals. The Kalkmans had just upset the top-seeded team of Julius Bartl and Laramie Gavin, while Mike and Steve were coming off a grueling 3-set victory over second seed Andy Thompson and Jay Roselli.
It was a thrilling Finals match, the momentum alternated back and forth, with lots of long and exciting points. But in the end, the hefty Widebodies somehow outlasted the sleek and slender Young Guns to win the 3rd set and come away as champions.
Congrats to Steve and Mike, and thanks to Midtown for putting on a great event!
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I've seen this Roselli kid play and he is pretty steady, but I think he owes a lot of credit to his partners in these tourneys he's won. The CCR he defended his title and won with the gentle giant Derek "thunderbolt" Ristau,then the Oak Hill with Brian "Boater" Blandis and now Paddles for Saddles with Steve "move over thats my forehand" Pike. Either Roselli has learned a lot from his older knuckle head brother Jay or he has a great eye for talent. I guess the old saying of when you play against better people you become better yourself. A little self confidence dosen't hurt either which Roselli clearly dosen't have a problem with if you have ever met him. All in all good for him he has slowly become a student of the game. If they only had a major of paddle in college eh Roselli?
the kid

Saw Boater playing with that Top Dog Huy Nguyen. What was Huy thinking, didn't he realize it was an Open format?
Just sayin'

I saw some of his matches with Huy. Boater was a fish out of water at first, but he pulled it together in the Consolation Finals and beat Fritz & Fritz. Doesn't he own them?
Just an Observation

Hey "Just an Observation" you should know as well as I'm sure "Boater" does that you never poke a sleeping bear. Fritz Sr. is a grizzly bear in these parts and will have his revenge. As you also know Fritz jr is one of his cubs, although young he has a ferocious backhand and has not only the gene pool but also the heart to become a great player in these parts. One more question "just an observation" how many balls in a point did Jr. get percentage wise? I rest my case. Put your stick away or start looking for black bear.
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I would like to thank my partner Mike Roselli for having the faith in me that I could last the whole tournament. He played with intelligence and patience and guile and determination. I enjoyed playing with my much younger more athletic and better looking partner. Young guns Williford and Cosma beat us 6-1 in our 1st set of the day and were even midway through the second and Mike stood by. We were both thinking uh oh this could be a major upset. We got by Huy and Boater in straights in a well played match. Next up the semis - Jay Roselli and Andy Thompson who we had smoked the day before in a practice match adjusted and were the better team for much of the 1st half of the match in our semifinal. Once again Mike stood by and we pulled out a tough three setter. Then in the final, Sky and Brady Kalkman jumped to a 1st set win as Brady played as well as I have ever seen him. Somehow Mike and I were able to figure out how to break through and win the second set. We were up 5-1 in the 3rd before the Kalkmans came back to 5-4 before we held to win. Mike is on quite a roll this year and much improved. He is the only player to win a tournament on both the deuce and ad sides this year. Hopefully he will allow me to defend again next year. Great job by the Midtown staff.
Steve Pike

Do I sense a man crush ?

What does a guy gotta do in order to play with Mike Roselli?!?!

He's pretty selective, but I'll see what I can do...
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From what I hear is just supply the beers.
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