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Oak Hill Tourney

For those that haven't heard, the prestigious Oak Hill Invitational Tourney was won by Mike "The Kid" Roselli and Brian "Boater" Balandis this past weekend.

It was Roselli's 2nd Major of the season, having already won the renowned CCR Holiday Tourney in December. With victories in the upcoming Saddles Tourney and Districts he could become the first-ever holder of all 4 trophies in a single season, which would likely become known as the "Kid Slam".

It was a surprising victory for this zany pair. It looked like their day would be short at the start, with Boater whiffing on a short lob return to him at the net during the first point. But they got a hot run and didn't lose a set in their first 2 matches.

Things started poorly when they got to the semis at Oak Hill. The Big Drive team of Fritz Odenbach (the other one) and Josh Fernandez came out bashing and jumped out to a quick lead. But Boater and The Kid hung in there and eventually were able to extend points and outlast their opponents.

Most thought their unlikely run would end there, having to go up against 2nd-seed Sky Kalkman and his Rising-Star Partner Ian Smith. Ian and Sky started out hot, building a quick 4-1 lead in the first set. But again The Kid and Boater battled back, losing 7-5 but clearly gaining some confidence. The momentum changed in the 2nd set as Roselli/Balandis brought everything they had. There was no stopping them in the 3rd, and they came away with the upset victory.

Congrats to both of them on their remarkable achievement!
Paddle Messenger

Plus I think the kid won his bracket at the Autism Up mixed tournament.

Yeah that Roselli kid is really good, he's won back-to-back CCR Tourneys. But that Boater guy is no slouch.
Just sayin'

Don't sell him short, he's a tremendous slouch!
Caddyshack guy

Let's talk about boater..Hard worker, comes from a nice family, basketball and pickle star, can dunk a tennis ball, sponsored by Tommy Hilfigger, loves wings.
Roselli is an athlete but in this case its all about his partner, the Boater
Dick Vitale

Boater is a real Diaper Dandy. It's just thatthe diapers are Depends, not Luvs.
Dick Vitale again

Vitale you need help. lol
the kid