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8 teams per league level

I like the idea of having 8 teams in each league level rather than 12. Play every team on your level each session. Best 2 go up and worst 2 go down.
Dan Curry

Why, have there been times when you thought you could have moved up but because of a bad draw it didn't work out quite right?
Happy Paddle

It makes sense to play all of the players in your level. And there would be more movement after each session. I don't see a negative to 8 players per level.
Dan Curry

Makes pretty good sense I guess. And it would result in pretty much the same number of matches: 7 matches per session for 21 matches in the year versus the 20 that are played now.
Happy Paddle

I agree with dan. It is not fair that your strength of schedule is random, and anyone can get a sub anytime. Whats next? Flip a coin to see who wins? You should play every team in your level and play the actual team. In case of bad weather, travel, illness you should reschedule. U can get a sub for thursday but it shouldn't count. Teams should be rewarded for good play not for a lucky schedule or finding a ringer sub.