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guest fees

I am often asked to play or sub at a club other than my own and have to incur the guest fees. Since we all (most of us) belong to a club I think it would be fair if the guest fees were split by all four who play. (it would be nice if the clubs offered a reciprical.) Until then, it would be fair for all to split what ever guest fees are charged. Example: 3 TCR members and 1 Shadow Lake member to being asked play at TCR (instead of SL) all chip in $2 to cover the guest fee of $8. Comments.... ?
paddle player

I don't necessarily have an issue with paying the guest fees as long as I am not the one who has to travel to the other clubs all of the time. Splitting the guest fess is a reasonable compromise if the paddle is played at the same venue each time, it seems fair to split it.

What I have a problem with is Midtown limiting guests to 3 visits a year and no more. Paid paddle lessons are considered guest visits and included in the 3 visits per year. My league partner is a member at MT and I play at TCR. He can come play as many times as he wants to at TCR but I can only go there three times a year outside of league play? That is pretty restrictive and does not serve well as a promotion of MT Athletic Club. That rule is pretty exclusionary.

Actually myace there are guest fees too at TCR, you just need to let them know that you have a guest. I'm sure Steve Pike will remind you of that when he reads this post, or you will get a e-mail reminding TCR members that there are guest fees. Keep your eyes open for that one it's coming I promise. I believe the fees at TCR are 9 bucks. Just trying to help.
the kid