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"First In" on first game.

Seems the law is being laid down pretty hard about no "First In" on the first game. As a midlevel on Thursday night, this seems very prevalent/universal. And I don't really here complaints about it either. But perhaps I am wrong. Are people having issues with "First-In"?
Happy Paddle

Happy Paddle....You are correct: there are rules that we have to adhere to so there is a standard that we can all live by and have fun playing. If warm up is supposed to be 5 minutes and then you spend the next 4 games on "first in" warm ups the next team waiting to play winds up playing 1/2 hour-1 hour later because of delays in the match. It is really more about consideration and respect for everyone who is playing! peace

Thanks for the response. I didn't realize it was because it was causing delays. I thought it was some of the "purest" had issues with it. 30 - 60 minutes because each player does a "first-in" on their first game?? I would say the average person gets it in on the 2nd serve. In rare circumstances it might go to 5 or 6. I assume you are exagerating. Surely this never causes more then a 5 minute delay.
Happy Paddle

Happy Paddle
This is RULE 24. Continuous Play from the APTA website FYI. Warmups can take an inordinate amount of time depending on the person. Have fun

Play shall be continuous from the first service of the first game until the conclusion of the match, except (a) for rest periods permitted by tournament officials; (b) when changing sides on the odd games, a maximum of one minute is allowed for players to towel off, change equipment, rest, etc.; (c) during a service game, the server is permitted a maximum of 20 seconds between the finish of play on a point and the delivery of the next service; (d) play shall never be suspended, delayed or interfered with for the purpose of enabling a player to recover his strength or to receive instruction or advice. (The umpire shall be the sole judge of such suspension, delay or interference, and after giving due warning, the umpire may disqualify the offender. No allowance may be made for natural loss of physical condition such as cramps, faintness or loss of wind. Consideration may he given by the umpire for accidental loss of physical ability or condition.)

Note 1: In the event of an accident, a fall, collision with a net post, a sprained ankle, and the like, up to a 10-minute suspension in play may be authorized. A default will be mandatory if play is not resumed immediately after the suspension.

Note 2: If a player's clothing, footwear, or equipment becomes out of adjustment in such a way that it is impossible or undesirable for the player to continue, the provisions in Note 1 shall apply.

Comment: The intent of the Continuous Play Rule is to prevent unauthorized rest periods for players who are tired and to discourage stalling tactics for whatever purpose. In the event of an accident, the umpire or tournament chairman shall consider a temporary suspension of play. If a match is adjourned for a legitimate reason (e.g. a sudden rainstorm), when the match is resumed (a) the teams are entitled to a full warmup, and (b) the match must begin precisely where it left off, with the same game and point score, same server, same ends of the court, and same order of service.

You two are taking about two different topics. First in refers to letting your opponent attempt serves until one goes in so their service game never starts with a fault. This is not done in competitive situations - tournament or league.

The issue paddle diva is talking about is that the four players take their warm ups for serve before their service game instead of all practicing serves together. If each player takes their practice serves before their 1st service game this adds wasted time to the match and disrupts the flow of the match. It is not done in any competitive situation that i know of.

I agree with Happy Paddle, at the lower levels of the women's league (at least at the matches I've played) we have been playing first in and not doing serves as part of the warm up. Most of the time that first in isn't even necessary. Personally, at our level, I don't see what the big deal is with the first ins. It doesn't give that much of an advantage and it makes for friendly play.
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