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Yankees back at the top

The world is back on the right track again as the Yankees have regained the crown of the MLB world for a record 27th time. Wow thats a lot huh red sux fans. The off season should be interesting, I think were going to try to sign the lord almighty to pitch for us next year. Stienbrenner would pay if he was available but I think he's busy. For those of you who say he bought another World Series- well he did, and you would too if you could, but you still have to win the games no matter how much you get paid. I would just like to express my joy to all the other die hard Yankee fans and welcome back to the top, where we belong.

-the kid
the kid

Who is "sign the lord almighty"??
Happy Paddle

errrrrra what? try reading it slower
the kid

HAHAHAHAHA - NOT ANYMORE! Bye-bye Yankees. Hello Rangers.