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Can't believe they RedSox. Hard to watch as a die-hard Yankees fan.

Well at least it is better news than the financial crisis.
S. P.

Go Sox!!!!!

Momentum has definitely turned in their favor.

I am SO happy the bosux lost. It was
an early birthday present. How many people
actually admitted that they were sux fans
before they won it. There were more bosux
jerseys in the closet than rainbow flags til
in the last 5 years.
the kid

It's a whole new day Boston Fans. Looks like the golf season begins early for you guys this year. It was fun, no awesome- watching you get dominated by a sub par team and swept out the door like a smelly cat. Watch it on TV from the comfort of your couches Lowell, Dice K and the rest of you bums. Go Yanks
the kid

To the Kid. I guess you do not watch or follow baseball, but the team that plays the wild card team has the best record in either the NL or AL. So calling the Angels "Sub-Par" makes no sense. Learn the game.
Red Sox Fan

To Red Sox Fan

Actually you are mistaken. Usually the wild card team does play the team with the best record. Of course this year it ws the Yankees. However when the wild card team and the team with the best record are in the same division the wild card team plays the division winner with the second best record.
life long yankee fan

I hope the red sux players are smarter than their fans.
the kid

BYE-BYE YANKS! Hello Rangers! After the Yanks get knocked out, I turn off baseball. I just want them to lose.

That is true passion, to turn off the TV after the yankees lose just cause you want them to. Your nick name is "luvthegame"? it should be "misearble-cus" or "kick my dog". A ranger fan huh- that's suprising I didn't know any existed. But of course you wait until they start doing well to start talking trash- you sure your not a red sox fan cause they are famous for doing that. But as we see they can not win the big series and lose to a pitcher that looks like a long haired 20 something year old howdy-dooty. Please if your going to be a rail rider and root for a team that is good once every twenty years (Nolan Ryan era),at least wait until they win the world series. As we all know anyone who beats the Yankees always act like they one the world series because they know they beat the best team in baseball. I will talk to you in another 20 or so years when they make the playoffs again and are still paying off A-Rod's contract to play on someone elses team. I bet you root against The Harlem Globtrotters also. Have a wonderful paddle season and don't fall down, that grit hurts.

As always,
the kid
the kid